Marketplace for short-term rental

Spacified is a marketplace for short-term rental of locations for retail, work and events. Imagine space-as-a-service where a retailers, designers, starters , … can rent the short-term space they need without lengthy contracts.

Space-as-a-service: we provide short-term spaces for pop-up stores, events, desks, creative spaces, ….. that can be rented out from a day upto a few weeks.

We enable a responsible and creative usage of physical space, providing flexibility to renters and generating extra income for lenders. Launched in 2013 the marketplace now already offers spaces in Belgium and the Netherlands. More than 500 rental requests have been handled since launch (Belgium and The Netherlands)

2013, 20,

Customer Development

Starting from the pain (access to commercial real estate & vacant spaces) we carefully validated the business model for this venture by Growthstories.

Product Development

The main product is an online marketplace which matches renters and lenders in a unique but simple way.

Go to market

A marketplace requires a very specific go to market to acquire sufficient liquidity for both sides of the marketplace

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